Tyler Stout Posters

You're way too grown-up for all those things you loved as a child, which is why you don't even ask your mom to cut off the crusts anymore, since that trick just knows to do it by now, and begging is kids stuff, son. For artfully youth-invoking posters w/ the crusts still intact, hit up Tyler Stout

Taking their cues from video games, comic books and 70's art, these intricate, mostly hand-drawn, illustrations turn your youthful inspirations into riotously complex graphic-novel-style celebrations of pop-iconography disguised as very limited edition movie/concert posters by a Brush Prairie, WA artist whose stated future plans include "a line of cologne for plus-size men"... so Estee Larder? Lots of the stuff's commissioned for screenings of 80's cult classics and features art crammed with faces/locations from the films: from the hectic jumble that's his take on Blade Runner, to one for a showing of The Road Warrior that's violently and appropriately splashed with red, to Big Trouble In Little China dominated by a frighteningly vacant eyed Lo Pan, probably due to the stress that comes from marrying a women with green eyes, sacrificing her, and then hoping your kids don't get their fathers vacant eyes. More recent movies're also represented like the red/green hued il Grande Lebowski and the blood-spattered Inglorious Basterds, along with non-cinematically themed fare like a green/white hands and monsters filled poster for a 2004 Hint Hint show at the Croc that the artist claims is his favorite, although he admits that, though comfortable, the public tide has turned against them

Going on sale today is Stouts latest creation; an artful pale-red/black/white metallic ink tribute to the The Warriors, reminding you that, even without your mom's permission, you're free to "come out to play-yay".