35 of Seattle's sweetest food trucks in one spot

Published On 05/01/2012 Published On 05/01/2012

What's better than 35 of The Town's sweetest mobile food purveyors getting together around a beer garden? If you said "a list of the best ones, each broken into groups a legendary Mariner would be most likely to hit up", then you probably already read ahead, cheater. Anyway, scroll down to check out the lunch options, as presented by dudes who basically spent their careers having theirs handed to them:

Ken Griffey Jr.: There was a time when The Kid's great catches were as much a part of Summer as hot dogs, so hit up Dante's Inferno Dogs for Boar's Head franks, or grab some edible American in the form of burgers from BUNS, though as older Junior proved, sitting on yours too long after eating one might put you to sleep.

Jay Buhner: The cannon-armed outfielder is originally from Kentucky, but that doesn't mean he'd discriminate against noshing on Southern Texas BBQ from brand-new Rollin Q, or some of Raney Brothers' slow-smoked Pulled Pork, or, really, any other truck that serves meat on the... um, Bone.

Ichiro: Seattle's #1 son would no doubt prefer a Japanese take on tubed beef from a food truck whose name is also the answer even Randy Jackson gives when asked where the outfielder will be living next year (Tokyo Dog).

Edgar Martinez: What's better for a mobility-challenged DH than eats from Tuscan Stone Pizza, an operation that, while mobile, doesn't move nearly as well as a truck? If you said "a VIP badge that'll help you avoid lines", then -- seriously, man -- you've got to stop reading ahead.



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