An adult spot for your inner child

Things you had growing up are hard to get over, like your first crush, or that glandular sweating problem that prevented you from making eye contact with said crush, or really anything other than cats. Taking its name from a story the owner couldn't quite get over, The White Rabbit.

Opened in the former ToST space by the guy behind Ballard's Shiku Sushi, this 28-seater (with room for 98 during live shows) is serving up specialty 'tails/bar eats in a black-walled space chock full of touches evoking Alice In Wonderland (rabbit sculpture/art, blue Victorian-style pendant lights, tilting bookshelves stocked with vintage fairy tales), all under a corrugated-metal ceiling supported by I-beams, not to be confused with Steve Jobs' experimental digital whiskey delivery device. Alice-themed beverages include the honey reserve bourbon/ sweet vermouth/ bitters Mad Hatter Manhattan, and the Stoli blueberry, Hypnotiq Looking Glass, plus coffee-based options like the Mocha Royale w/ Grand Marnier & Baileys whipped cream, and the espresso/ honey whiskey Buckshot -- once you see it, you'll know why he focused on rebounding. Eats range from snacks (Bread and Nutterfly w/ Nutella & blackberry jam), to sandos (the rye bread/garlic Dijon People's Pastrami), to 'za options like the three-cheese/ jalapenos/ salami Jabberwocky -- you could order other toppings, but that'd just be nonsense.

TWR's stage will host regular appearances from Woodstock vet Michael Shrieve's Spellbinder, a house night, as well as funk and soul on Thursdays from acts like Marmalade -- maybe not the most typical childhood spread, though you certainly shouldn't sweat it.