UW's backup quarterback has a new favorite bar

When you think of Montana, you can't help but think of fly fishing, your 8th grade trip to Yellowstone, and the disappointment you felt upon learning Miley Cyrus quit that show to dance to Britney songs at LA clubs while rocking kicks, because somebody never got her the memo about stilettos. For a drink spot from two ladies trying to make you Party in their section of the U.S.A. with a Big Ass Sky, hit up Montana.

Opened by a 'tana-born industry vet (La Bete, Matt's in the Market, etc.) and the lady-preneur behind Rachel's Ginger Beer, this 40-seater's serving better-than-usual suds and a few classical 'tails in a charmingly awkward space that used to house the Buck's, now transformed thanks to stained wood and highway signs (some bullet-riddled!) into the kind of intentionally dive-y space where Cristiano Ronaldo would feel totally at home you're encouraged to carve your name into the tables. They're planning to have at least two force-carbonated tipple options on tap, with early offerings ranging from a gin/simple syrup Gimlet (the kegging of which required juicing three cases of limes), to Cherry Sours, Greyhounds, and Lemon Drops, which, before Fiat bought 'em, is also what Chrysler called "releasing a new car". Other drink options include Picklebacks (a shot of whiskey, a shot of dill-/chili-infused pickle juice & a beer), MT-based brews like Moose Drool from Big Sky, and local suds including Georgetown's Lucille -- the undisputed B.B. King of beers.

Food'll be mostly limited to snacks like tater tot nachos (Tachos?!), chips w/ housemade dips, etc., while future plans also call for an entryway-adjacent photo booth, which'll, at least briefly, make everybody seem so faaaaamous.