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It can be hard to damage control getting caught staring at another woman, unless you happen to be a Care Bare, because who can possibly stay upset when you're shooting rainbows out of your tummy? For an excuse fit for a non-loveable ursine, do some V-Day shopping at KuhMillion.From owners who grew frustrated seeing "so many cheap stores online selling low quality garments", KM's a treasure trove of hand-stitched, burlesque-inspired lingerie showcased on alluringly posed models -- essential for getting a better idea how the item'll wear -- with notes on the garments' historical origins, though your primary concern is clearly Johnson administration. Above-the-waistness includes a '20s-inspired mini dress with diamond net panels, a deep v-necked red & black satin corset, and an all-black satin corset with pleated ruffles and metal boning, hopefully putting her in the mood to give you some Motorhead. Down below they're showing off a ruffled boyshort and garter set with fishnet thigh-highs, stretch cotton panties with a sheer train and oversized bow off the backside, and a pair of "peek a boo" panties with a partially exposed back, garter accents, and contrasting scalloped it's your turn to make a genital joke!They also have loads of info on everything from lingerie terminology to proper sizing, because if you buy too big, you'll be getting all stare, and no bare.