When they have GFs, guys will go to great lengths to find excuses to look at other women, though not everyone has time to do four years of med school, then an internship, residency, and fellowship just to "say" they're an Obstetrician Gynecologist. Saving you like 300 grand and a break up, KuhMillion

KuhMillion's a burlesque-influenced e-tailor selling lingerie that's just tasteful enough to be a perfect girlfriendly gift/SFW, and just risque enough to exclusively feature hot ladies from SoCal modeling it, because not everyone from Van Nuys can break into p**n. OK, that's not true, but this stuff is still hot. Girls you can stare at shamelessly Gifts include a three-piece waist-cincher, bra, and panty set modeled by a ravishing brunette; a slinky one-piece chemise exemplified by a pre-reptilian Madonna lookalike; and a blonde wearing a padded bra and bottoms with "cute little ruffled trim", also what sleazy potato chips say they're looking for while out trying to get Lays'd. And because your GF is super picky and it pays to be well informed, further research reveals aesthetically pleasing ladies in bootylicious low-rise tanga shorts, a kinda-see-through floral lace/velvet number, and a garter-included striped thingy-- whatever, at this point, do you still really need to pretend you care?

And since you should probably learn some stuff to help cover up your inappropriate interest, KuhMillion's also got a history of lingerie, w/ a list of films featuring sexy underwear, which doesn't include paper smocks with no back -- tough break, Hollywood Community Hospital.