The Naked Therapist

When people have early issues with sex, it's usually fair to wonder whether they got them from their dads, because while Nicole Eggert was hot, La Toya Jackson was mad nasty. Helping you with your mental issues perhaps arising from said issues: The Naked Therapist.Recently launching a website to blow out her unique approach to healing minds, TNT claims to be collecting research for her dissertation on the pioneering practice of naked therapy, which rejects the idea that you can ask a patient "to rid himself of his repressions and false beliefs while simultaneously hiding behind a wall of repression and status", so...she's wearing a Cum Laude diploma from BYU? Giving you "power through arousal", each web-based session starts with your mental health muse fully clothed and ends with her fully naked, and can cover topics ranging from relationship problems, to unresolved childhood issues, to how to get better at meeting women (Tip #1: stop doing naked therapy). While the disrobing is very real, so are the therapeutic styles you'll purportedly be exposed to, which include psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, role playing, and classic Freudian techniques such as dream & thought analysis, which, this being done over the internet, will be your only chance to have a slip of the tongue.If you're completely mentally stable but in dire need of web consultation, she also does work as the Naked Coder, helping you conceive, design, and code a website, the very things that allowed you to stop (La) Toying with your sexuality.