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The easiest first date you may ever have

First dates often get awkward because you have to put in hours of one-on-one time with a stranger, and after you finish watching the Robby Benson basketball movie, you also have to talk about stuff. Helping to cut the tension by adding other people who agree that Melanie Griffith was great as "The Hitchhiker": Grouper.Just now servicing ATL, Grouper makes romantic get-togethers less weird by letting you and a potential boo each bring along two buddies, resulting in less pressure, and at least two opportunities to date their better-looking friend without getting yelled at. They'll ask you some quick questions like "What was the last fun thing you did?" to make sure it wasn't playing SceneIt? Glee Edition, then ask permission to peep your Facebook profile so that they can 1) ensure you don't look like Clint Howard, 2) match you with somebody who has similar interests, although learning that much about each others' mortgages on a first date does seem a little personal.After that, just choose two homies and have everyone send Grouper $20, so that when you hit one of the legit-classy bars they've partnered with, you'll have already paid for your first round of drinks (including tax & tip!), which should make the "talking about stuff" part all the easier, even if One on One is rented out at Blockbuster, again.