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Chicagoans Share Their Worst Online Dating Stories

Published On 10/19/2016 Published On 10/19/2016
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"'Oh, those bruises are from the IVs! I got pissed off at work so I took a bunch of OxyContin and drank a fifth of vodka and passed out at my desk. I’ve been in the psych ward for the last week and just got out this morning, right around the time I messaged you,’ she answered, as if it was no big deal."
"A few months later I was browsing Tinder when I happened to stumble upon a different profile for Mr. Tinder: same photos, same basic information... except this profile had been created by a woman to warn other females about him."
"We got a cab and started heading over to her sister's place. At a random red light in the wrong neighborhood, she just opened the door and jumped out. No coat, wearing high heels, and it was maybe 10 degrees out and snow was everywhere."
"Aggravated, I responded, ’And you would have done what? Fought him outside in the street?! It’s not worth going to jail over!’"