Sex + Dating

Turning dating from a twofer into a six-pack

Whoever said "It takes two to make a thing go right" was clearly only thinking about making a hit song so they could have effortless sex with way more than one other person. Taking Dallas applications now, dating site Grouper believes it takes six to make a first meeting go right, as that number apparently gives your game such a boost Lance Armstrong's already trying to get it in syringe form. So, the Yalies behind the service encourage the two people actually matched on the site to bring along two wing men/women apiece, because with three-on-three, "you can either talk in three pairs of two, just with your friends, or as a group" (it's also harder to arrange a fake emergency phone call with your completely inebriated "boss" in full view).Simply sign up to be considered for membership, a decision they come to after Facebook stalking you and asking a trio of basic questions (none of this shows up on your Timeline). Once you're in, and you've sung the appropriate number from Fiddler on the Roof, their matchmaking professionals will analyze your profile, photos, etc, and pair you with someone from the same generation, and with whom you share interests (Next Generation!). All six parties then throw Grouper $20, after which they'll secure you a reservation at a partner bar (these are still TBD, but their NYC venues are no joke) and spring for everyone's first drink, tax and tip included -- after that, whether or not you HIT IT! is up to you.