Big time legal advice on the cheap

There comes a time in everyone's life when they need good legal advice quickly, but unfortunately, LA Law was canceled in 1994. Get advice fast without bothering to break out the Laser Discs, from Digital Attorney.

Digital Attorney's a website just launched by some local entrepreneurs featuring a slew of layman's-language-only legal-advice videos from several of SoCal's top attorneys, edited down to just the key important facts and each costing $1.99, meaning you could potentially save a trip to jail for the price of a Happy Meal, though if it's one of those ones with the Muppets Christmas Toys, that's actually a pretty tough call. Among the videos/advice:

"Ins and Outs of Traffic Tickets": A chick-lawyer with 15 years of experience gives advice on whether to try to get out of tickets on the side of the road (short answer: no!), if you should go to traffic school (yes!), and whether red-light tickets can be dismissed (if you dress up a doll in a suit and pretend they were driving... well, still no).

"Getting into Entertainment": A two-part series with a veteran lawyer who's also played drums for Bone Thugs 'n Harmony (yes!), this dude talks about what to look for in a contract, including timeliness, money splits, and exit clauses, which, if you're cool, are usually something along the lines of "smell ya later".

DUI: A Santa Clarita lawyer walks you through common misconceptions, like the need to take a field sobriety test and the most effective way for the law to get your actual B.A.C., though why they'd want to know what score you received on the Bacon Awareness Course shows they're a bit too conscious of their nickname.

They've also got info on a wealth of other legal woes, ranging from bankruptcy, to securing a visa for a fiance, to wrongful death, which the creators of Law should've been sued for, but hey, Susan Dey did peak in Season 4.