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Custom photo packages for... your package

Vegas trips are frequently all about the boys, but even if you're in town with your woman, you can ask her to do something that'll excite your boys, i.e., the Luxor's new Boudoir Photo Shoot.This 24/7 sexed-up service is the lovechild of "lifestyle" photog Deidra Wilson, whose foray into private photo sessions a few years back led to the revelation that, when in Vegas, women are much more eager and willing to let their "inhibitions peel right off". Oh, and by inhibitions, she means clothes.After consulting with Wilson on the stylistic elements of the photos, your mom lover will have her wardrobe & hair done up by pro stylists, who'll stay for the duration of the shoot for touch-ups, style changes, and general ogling of your girlfriend. And the non-sexual cherry on top: once the photos have been meticulously retouched, she'll package 'em up in a little black book, something that's sure to excite your boys, assuming it isn't being passed around amongst all your boys.