Sex + Dating

Remember, remember <strike>the fifth of November</strike> February 14th

Although a teddy bear holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates bought from a petrol station literally moments before your date is a totally acceptable present... just on the off chance that it's not (ludicrous, right?!), we've put together a list of surefire relationship-savers. Valentine's Chocolate WorkshopThe folks at MyChocolate will give you a glass of Champagne & a sweet fondue upon arrival, then follow up with a master class in making your own flavoured/decorated truffles. It all goes down in their candlelit "'50s-inspired" kitchens... where the guys will oddly be required to help out.Get just the sweetest gift at Feet Dance AcademyAs romantic as a fungal infection sounds, Itchy Feet's actually a slick rhythm & blues/swing-fueled dance-fest, hitting Concrete in Shoreditch (below Pizza East) on the 14th, where you'll get cocktails, a dance class, and a DJ'd after-party to "show off what you've learned". Relieve your itchy mouse finger by clicking here for ticketsCambridge Satchel CompanyGet her this sweet, old-school shoulder-slinger from the CSC, whose stuff is all totally handmade w/ red leather & silver buckles -- and because it's V-Day, you can have it embossed w/ her name/initials for free, so she'll always know which red leather satchel is hers. If you're smart, you'll go to