A matchmaker who gets you...chicks

It takes a ballsy dude to enter an industry rife with people who don't have any, as evidenced by the hot air balloon-esque nuts rise of Richard Easton. Basically the only real dude in the professional matchmaking game, Easton (who got into the dating industry from the financial sector after two matchmakers failed him miserably) just landed in LA after successfully hooking up 1000+ dates last year in The City That Apparently Never Sleeps With Less Than Three Chicks At A Time.

To avoid Glenn-Close-bunny-killing incidents, prospective girls are vetted closely, with Easton or one of his (not that it matters but: hot!) assistants requiring both an in-person interview (to judge personality/physical attractiveness) and -- if they pass muster-- a 65-page questionnaire that gets to the nitty-gritty, like "How important is sex?", "How often do you like to have it?", and "How will you react when he accidentally calls you Glenn Close during it?". If she answers the last one correctly, she'll enter a by-referral-only group of aesthetically pleasing potential lady friends, 100% of whom are employed & college educated, and 50% of whom are in their 20s, and likely won't get that Glenn Close reference.

And because such a quality pool of ladies don't want to date homeless-looking slobs/current-day Jeremy London, Easton himself is in town doing dude interviews all week starting tomorrow, with a free consultation session and 50% off membership if you finally grow some balls. Or, you know, mention you read about it in Thrillist.