The best thing about Etsy, other than stuff you actually want to buy

JFK once famously said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"... then proceeded to do, like, four models and a stewardess that had also been in two movies, just to try and set a good example. Doing almost as much for our country, Sextsy

Conceived by a creepy genius Portlandian who might have a tattoo that says "idle hands are Satan's playground", Sextsy is a Tumblr that curates (and comments on) tarted-up images of crafty ladies modeling their wares, though who knew the University of Houston's 1989 Heisman Trophy QB had brothers? Highlights include:

A particularly enthusiastic lady-friend models a "Pink Pastie Bra Set with Deep V String", upon which the blogger aptly comments, "Can someone PLEASE get the silly string away from Larry Flynt?".

Feast your eyeballs on this curly-haired cutie looking up at the sky in a Catwoman-esque jumpsuit and a leather bunny mask, also the title of a spec screenplay followup to Jim Carrey's film written by Marv Albert.

A hippie-looking blondie models what she calls a "hand-crocheted fairy mini-skirt that can also be worn as a tube top"...damn, too bad Mother's Day already passed.

So that the ladies may actually make money, clicking on their picture leads you back to the original (sometimes NSFW) site, though don't do it in public, or you may face a very different kind of missile crisis... in your pants.