Sex + Dating


Definitely not just a Grindr-like app for straight people who want to do each other and fast, Tingle is a just-launched, strictly mobile "dating" app that "connects you to a sophisticated network of people who you can interact with only after you’ve established mutual attraction"... by doing them in the bathroom of a martini lounge.

Just kidding, you don't have to do anyone in a martini lounge, but in case you might hypothetically want to, you'll be able to take advantage of features like:

Location-Based Discovery: Once you hit Saddle Ranch (it is a Friday, after all), simply "turn your radar on", and you'll be notified of other singles in your area who've activated theirs, for a little of what they call "geosocial serendipity", and what John Cusack calls "trying to bang Kate Beckinsale in an elevator".

Winking: Like poking, winking is that time-tested method of telling someone you might eventually want to do them in a martini lounge bathroom, once you can see a little more than their profile pic. If they wink back, you're free to check out where they've checked in, message each other "in real time", and talk on the phone, all without your name, number, or email address being revealed.

For now, it's only on the iPhone, but soon it'll be dropping on the Droid, meaning in the near future, if you find yourself in an especially roomy/romantically lit water closet, it will be the droid you're looking for.