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Taking all the pressure out of dating

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to be less nervous on first dates? No? Well then congratulations, since you must be noted smooth-talking Hollywood sexyperson Ed Begley, Jr. Everyone else, continue reading to find out about the easiest way to lower pressure on initial romantic encounters, called Grouper.Just now rolling into Miami, Grouper lets you cut the cheese without repercussions tension of a first date by letting you bring along two buddies while the lucky girl does the same, creating a low-pressure, three-guys/three-gals ecosystem in which "you can either talk in three pairs of two, just with your friends, or as a group", proving that at the very least, they know a whole lot about counting people. Just sign up and answer a few questions before they scope your Facebook profile -- which they basically have to do to ensure you're not a mole person, or worse, an above-ground person who only has a MySpace page -- before taking that info and matching you with someone around the same age who shares similar interests, like that jolly but ultimately troubled Strong Guy from X-Factor, probably. Or maybe jogging.Once you're matched, just grab two buddies who're apparently totally allowed to be un-vetted mole people, get everyone to send Grouper traveler's cheques for $20, and they'll set you up with reservations at a totally legit bar and cover the first round, plus tax and tip, also a game Ed Begley, Jr. has played with like every sexy Hollywood accountant ever.