Like Yelp, for people


Strong advice: become a really, really good and beloved person immediately, because there now exists Mirror, a site that takes Yelp's concept of rating restaurants, and applies to it rating the people who work in those restaurants that dumped you and you now hate. Or literally anybody else in the world. Somehow, this is legal.

How you can let the world know Sandy Jenkins sucks (or, is totally great!!):

  • Signing up's as easy as giving the site your email, then also definitely providing your actual real name, Mr. Fletchcaddyshackmeatballs.
  • Relationship reviews cover everything from how you met, longevity, and infidelities, to the more specific "SexAbility" and "signature moments", which sounds like yet another chance to have your Hancock belittled.
  • You can also glowingly praise destroy a friend or co-worker by rattling off "awesomest" or "not-so-awesomest" moments, plus everything from their "guilty pleasure" to "favorite article of clothing".
  • Once a review is out there, you can pile on after searching by name/phone number/email, or using "Unique Identifiers" like "Inherited Family Business" or "Belly Ring", so you can definitely find your evil frat bro with an inherited family belly ring business.
  • You can respond to attacks on yourself. Good luck!

Before each review's posted, they use "a combination of computer algorithms and human editors to ensure that the content users submit is accurate and appropriate", just like the fact that Sandy Jenkins is a harlot who doesn't even wear the appropriate amount of flair.

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