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This guy will set you up with hot babes

Historically, men have detested using a matchmaker, as they're either too busy singing and dancing to find you a find or catch you a catch, or are Patti Stanger. All that's changing for Miamians thanks to Richard Easton, who brings a distinctly male perspective to finding you a mate, which thankfully includes setting you up with the distinctly male vision of very attractive ladies.Easton's been hooking up dudes in LA and NYC for a few years now after selling his finance company, so he's got all the moves down for Miami. Basically, you go in for a consultation and he'll run through your relationship goals (touch boobs, marriage, etc), general life ambitions, dating history, and what kind of lady you're looking for. From there, Easton and his team'll start setting you up with local gals -- all of whom're screened to ensure they're quite attractive, as well as highly intelligent and career-focused, and not just intent on watching Bad Girls Club and spending your money all day -- even taking care of setting you up reservations at top places chicks are guaranteed to like around town not named Cheesecake Factory, although that place is lovely.But it doesn't stop there: Easton has wardrobe stylists and home decor experts on retainer to give you the edge in basically every area where a girl is prepared to brutally judge you, and he circles back personally after dates to get a sense of how things went and, moving forward, give you tips on how to play things besides just fiddles, on roofs.