A Day in the Life of a Gigolo

Vin Armani (not his real name if you can believe it) is, like, the king of male escorts. He’s a real lady’s man -- pending that lady has a spare $1,000 she can give up for two hours of alone time -- and a self-described philosopher and artist.

As one of the premier models for Cowboys4Angels -- the largest straight-male escort companion company in the US -- and star of Showtime’s aptly named series, Gigolos, Vin makes his living selling his companionship to women. He loves it, I love it, and he loves that I love it. Here’s what his day is like.

How the day starts...

My day starts with a light breakfast and then a drive to the gym.

I own an art gallery and event space in the Arts District here in Las Vegas. When I'm done with the gym, my next stop is usually there. Whether it's cleaning up from an event the evening before, setting up for a future event, or doing maintenance, there's usually something at the gallery that requires my attention for a few hours. Then I head home for lunch and spend time writing, working on music, and answering emails. My evenings are either spent with clientele, DJing at a venue in Vegas, hosting an event at my gallery, or relaxing at home.

"I have considered my profession to be a calling for as long as I have been an escort."

To be clear: I have considered my profession to be a calling for as long as I have been an escort. I never actually wanted to become an escort until Garren [CEO of Cowboys4Angels] and I met for the first time. That circumstance arose because (back in 2010) a woman I had been seeing casually -- who was a high-end escort herself -- booked an escort from Cowboys4Angels to entertain her (and an escort girlfriend of hers) for a couple of hours.

This had been my "role" in her life for a couple of years leading up to that evening. I would regularly get calls from her to join her and her girlfriends for "personal (as opposed to "business") fun." On that particular evening, I was working on a complex software project and I was emotionally exhausted (so I declined the invitation). The next time I saw my friend-with-benefits, she told me about her evening and said, "I really would have preferred it was you! You should totally be doing this for a living. I'm going to call Garren and tell him he should hire you."

I guess the rest is (reality TV) history.

On separating love and sex...

There is no romance without a mental and emotional connection. If that type of connection is there, the physical connection is inevitable.

The service I provide is a genuine connection. I don't take my head or heart out of the equation, and I don't expect my clients to either. I hope to fall for all of my clients and to have all of them fall for me. Clients who I have seen over long periods of time -- years in many cases -- develop deep, intimate friendships with me. They have often shared things with me that they have never shared with anyone else.

I don't believe that, as individuals, we have some finite amount of love, care, and compassion. I don't believe we are limited in the number of people that we can feel a deep, healthy love towards.

I believe in open, honest interaction where boundaries are constantly discussed, defined, and redefined. Any two people who truly respect and care for one another will respect such boundaries. So long as clients are treating me with respect, I'm happy to continue that level of intimacy with them.


On selling companionship on reality TV

I can't really rank my clients from "best to worst." Every person is looking for a different experience. Everyone has their own unique reason for booking me. If I'm delivering the best experience I possibly can, then every encounter is challenging and rewarding in its own way.

I spend the majority of my working hours with repeat, regular clients. Honestly, the vast majority of my time is spent in a very comfortable, intimate space with individuals that I trust and who trust me.

I have definitely had requests for week-long dates at a time, but I try to steer clients away from that option. I honestly believe that the best encounters have a high level of intensity (in terms of focused attention).

"This is... my art."

I really give my all when I am with a client, so that level of intensity can be hard to maintain beyond even a couple of days. I personally would rather spread that time out over a number of months in order to give her the best return on her investment. This is just a personal preference of mine. Other men in the agency are of the exact opposite mind.

This is... my art. The challenges are all chances for personal growth. The best part about my life is being able to make a living by adding positivity to people's lives while doing something that I genuinely love.

The exposure that the show, Gigolos, has given to the agency (and to me personally) has played a massive part in manifesting my current reality. I am truly grateful for that opportunity. However, losing my public anonymity (and gaining a level of celebrity) has definitely been the most difficult aspect of this journey. I am a very private, introverted person by nature.


What happens off the clock...

I haven't had a client yet where conversation was a problem. The wonderful thing about art and philosophy is that there are philosophical and artistic aspects to every facet of human life. I love learning from my clients and discussing the things that matter the most to them.

"I'm a very open-minded person. If the vibe is right, I'm open for almost anything."

Thankfully, I've lived a very full life and I'm able to converse on a very broad range of subjects. Most clients don't "ask me to do" anything. A few clients have wardrobe requests or want to do some activity together, but the majority want a rather spontaneous experience. I'm a very open-minded person. If the vibe is right, I'm open for almost anything.

One of the biggest aspects of our lives that people don't understand is just how much time and money we spend on our profession "off the clock." Clients who see our photos on the agency website or see us on TV have an expectation that the same person will be showing up to their door.

An actor can get themselves into shape before filming begins on a movie, but we might get a call to see a client on any day, at any time. It takes a particular mindset to be willing to keep yourself in top condition (fitness, wardrobe, grooming, and emotional state) day in and day out.

We charge a considerable sum per hour, but you get what you pay for.

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist, but also occasionally goes by the moniker Vin Armani. Isn't that weird?