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No Boys Allowed: The Woman Behind a Ladies-Only Elite Sex Club

Two women in masks flirting on staircase
Skirt Club/Victoria Dawe

Geneviève LeJeune has the kind of unapologetically posh British accent that demands respect and makes even the vaguest description of a piece of fruit sound incredibly hot. The marketing executive grew up as a British colonial in Hong Kong, and speaks French, Spanish, and Italian. Oh, AND she founded Skirt Club -- an exclusive sex club for women.

There's more to Skirt Club than sex, especially since sex isn't technically allowed at these parties. LeJeune has done something different with intimacy by incorporating food and education (along with nudity, of course) into her parties. We chatted with Geneviève via Skype, and she dished out some enticing details about the women-only club she started out of curiosity and spite. 

Woman tying corset on another woman's body
Skirt Club/Victoria Dawe

So, why'd you start Skirt Club? 

So, two and a half years ago I started the club in London. Really, it was just this lack of understanding of female sexual needs, and also society not recognizing that women like to have sex, too. There’s this whole “men dominate the bedroom” scene and I was very much sick and tired of it.

I went to a lot of parties -- not many -- but, again, you could tell they were run by men. They’d always have the waterproof mattress in the corner, or the shitty cocktail with no ice and no garnish and no straw. All the things that women love were not there. It was such a shame that women never get to have their needs catered to properly.

It came from my own heart to develop something for me, which turned out to be something everyone else loved, too.

So, I have to assume your cocktails are better than the competition

Absolutely. One of my business partners is a mixologist, and we actually create our own cocktails for every event and name them according to the theme of that party.

To be clear, men aren't invited? 

Men aren’t invited. In fact, they’re banned entirely. We have created a safe place for women to explore as and how they wish to. We facilitate one night of consensual experimentation – no questions and certainly no pressure. Women are encouraged to think and feel for themselves, which brings a sense of empowerment, and confidence exudes not only in the bedroom but all the way to the boardroom.

What kind of themes are there?

The one coming up next in New York is a chocolate party, because it’s Easter weekend. It’s not the Playboy bunny, because that’s a masculine movement. We’re doing chocolate as an aphrodisiac. Cocoa is an aphrodisiac, alongside bananas, oysters, some other things... matcha powder. We have a nutritionist come talk about how that all works. How it affects your brain and makes you feel.

After we have that talk, we have a burlesque performance. We also have a corset couture party in which women learn about corsets in the Victorian age. We’ll have someone come in who designs and stitches corsets who’ll teach you about the beautiful shape you can get from it. Then Victorian-era cocktails.

There’s another theme I’m dying to do, that I’m not sure America would like, called “Dark Days of Decadence.” It’s about the years between the two World Wars in Berlin. This era was really special. It was a time when Hitler was taking up his movement and there were a lot of injured soldiers and amputees.

People were in a very dark space, so they were taking a lot of drugs and having a lot of random sex. No one gave a shit anymore. It actually grew into the whole gay scene in Berlin. One of my favorite scenes, but I could go on…

So, this is more of a sex and culture club

Well, I’m British, so there’s plenty of culture. I understand that Skirt Club is touted as a sex club, but the reality is, you can’t have sex at my party. However, that’s not the focus... it’s about women and having sex in their own way. Let’s define sex for a moment: for you, that’s probably intercourse... for me, it’s conversation and how it stirs me up inside, the way someone looks at me and makes me feel. That can sometimes be more intimate than intercourse.

It’s like... brain sex.

We call it “smart sex.”

Two women in masks drinking champaign and flirting
Skirt Club/Victoria Dawe

And the women who attend... how do they identify themselves?

We ask women to rate their sexuality according to the Kinsey Scale --  zero to six. Over 60% of our members are a two or three rating.

What does a typical night look like?

You would probably arrive feeling shit-scared, because you’re coming as a lady on your own, to a party where you don’t know anyone at a stranger’s home. That’s very intimidating. Women are not used to doing the chatting up, they’re used to being chatted up.

It’s a very scary thing to do. We have a lot of no-shows, who I suspect leave as soon as they get to the front door. So, when you arrive, you’re always greeted by me; I always do the door, because everyone knows my name and they feel instantly relaxed. I’ve always spoken to them on email first and I’m usually the only person they know.

So, I say hi, I take their coats, I let them know what’s going to happen next, and I tell them there’s Champagne waiting for them upstairs. They’re led up the stairs, given French Champagne, then they’re introduced to the new members. All new members have a vintage key tied around their wrists. Then they’re taken through, I give a speech, then we do a short talk -- only for 15 minutes, because people get bored -- then we go into the burlesque performance.

It’s very sexy, very sultry, and it ends with her being completely naked. The art of undress can be very sexy. Especially those little pasties they wear. Then, after that, it’s pretty much a free-for-all.

To encourage the free-for-all, I play a game called “Body Tequila.” We take a volunteer, strip her down to her lingerie, she will lie down on a table, and the volunteers line her legs with salt all the way up to her lips. I stick a wedge of lime in her mouth, and shout “one, two, three, go!” The girls lick all the way up, and the winner is whoever takes the shot of tequila first.

What else happens there?

Oh, we play spin the bottle in different rooms, that usually is enough until they all manage to pair off and jump into a bed with five others or a bath with 10 others. Then, three o’clock strikes and they all have to go home. Then, of course, the next day is all the lost property. My God, I have wardrobes full of dresses, shoes, knickers, bras, suspenders, corsets, hats, and I put it all on Instagram.

The majority don’t come back to claim them.

For the brave that come, it will liberate you and it’ll give you that confidence you can’t get anywhere else. It’ll shape you and you won’t take shit from anyone ever again.

What kind of women come to these events?

They’re all career women, officially aged 21 to 49 -- but the majority are between 25 and 35. And the majority have a boyfriend.

Is that the age where women are most curious?

Yeah, I feel like they’re either unsettled in their relationship and they want to spice it up or they just feel bored and want to try something completely new.

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