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Popping the question, outsourced

Sure, popping the question is your time to shine and prove how creative, devoted, and perfect you are for your loved one, but if that person is actually dumb enough to spend their entire life with you, you'll need to do something pretty outrageous just to get through to them. Enter Blueprint Proposals, a new service from a pro event planner and "consumer intelligence expert" that draws up innovative, personalized proposal plans for those who want the event to be "hassle-free". Wait, why are you getting married!?!

Fill out a brief questionnaire (how you met, your jobs, etc...), estimate a budget, and they'll provide a free consultation to better understand the scope of what you want to execute; if they brainstorm an idea you like, they'll take care of every detail, whether that means organizing a flashmob, or lining up the perfect night ending at the Eiffel Tower, meaning "all you have to do is show up". Hey, if they're dumb enough to marry you, they'll probably believe it was your idea.