Why the Clap-Off Bra is the most thoughtful gift ever (no, really)

Because men don't put enough time or thought into their presents, a dude in San Francisco has provided you with a DIY gift opportunity that might win you Boyfriend Of The Year. Unfortunately, that's also how long it might take you to make it.

Behold The Clap-Off Bra. Not just a figment of your 10th grade-nerd imagination anymore, now it's a real thing that you can really make and gift to that special B-Cup in your life. Here're a few benefits to getting your craft on:

  • You care about her safety. Reaching all the way behind oneself to unhook a clasp is exhausting. And, she might strain something. Better to create something that literally explodes off of her chest than risk her pulling a muscle.
  • Brains are sexy (which you're going to need to figure out the Ayn Rand-length description of how to build this thing.) Show her how much you paid attention in high school science by mastering the soldering, electromagnet-connecting and circuit board-rigging required to build the Clap-Off Bra. Sorry, dudes who ditched class to go smoke, guess you're on your own.
  • You have a sensitive side. Did we mention that making the thing that has more parts than an IKEA dresser also requires sewing? Hope you didn't ditch Home Ec, too.
  • Multitasking. Because you can flatter her by applauding her physique, while cutting straight to the chase. Bonus points for also setting the mood lighting with The Clapper.

And when you're done presenting her with this totally selfless homemade gift, you can take that lucky lady to the multi-encore concert of her choice, too. Bravo.