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Bumble Introduces Video Component Because You Don't Have Enough to Stress About

Great. As if finding the perfect tagline wasn't stressful enough, Bumble has decided dating app profiles ought to require more work. So now you can make videos of your face. I'm so glad we have another thing to think about when it comes to dating apps.

That's right! All of that time you've been spending making Facebook Live videos no one watches can finally be put to use.

The new interface is called BumbleVID, which honestly looks a little too close to Bumble VD for my personal comfort. Each video is 10 seconds long, so at the end of the day, it's just an Instagram video designed to help get you laid. Get ready to obsess over the details.

You have the option to send them to specific users/matches or you can make them public if you want all the boys to come to the yard for your milkshake. All of this geolocation stuff has axe murderer written all over it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

IDK, man. 2017 is getting weird. Happy hunting?

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