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Dating & the age gap: Go ahead, your mom's friend is hot

age gap
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Good news, people who date people half their age: it's officially time for us to stop throwing you shade and move onto loathing contemporarily gauche things, like guys who "hashtag" out loud. The rules have changed:She’s 22/He’s 35Was: Side-eye city from late 20s and 30-something females for pricing them out of the same-aged male market.Is: Not-ready-to-settle-down guys are graciously identifying themselves.Why: Online dating has allowed women to date an increasing number of guys who end up being "not there yet". This costs years of our lives, or Biological Clock decades. Women with Flaky Dude Fatigue now appreciate the transparency.He’s 25/She’s 35Was: Obvious mom issues.Is: Um, can you really tell?Why: Pumas (thanks, Urban Dictionary!) are hot. Thanks to Botox parties, pole dancing classes, and a kaleidoscope of sugar-substitutes, the one issue these guys aren't having is quality.She’s 22/He’s 50+Was: For sleazy old rich dudes and parasitic trophy-types, to be the topic of hushed cocktail party chatter. Is: The media-supported norm.Why: Where TV shows featuring these sorts of pairings used to be specifically about them, thanks to Bravo et al., now the shows can be about storage facilities, or therapists, or ducks.He’s 25/She’s 45+Was: Gross and creepy. Still is: Yeah, still gross and creepy. #somethingsneverchange