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Girls Who Have Close Relationships With Their Moms Wait Longer to Have Sex

Now that you're finished binge-watching the new Gilmore Girls revival, you can take a step back and actually learn something from it, scientifically speaking. It turns out Rory and Lorelai's close relationship may have been indicative of larger scientific findings.

According to a new study, women who have closer bonds with their mothers are more likely to wait to have sex in a new relationship. Obviously, a lot of factors are at play when you decide to take the plunge into sexual activity, but according to new research, if you're close with your mom, you probably waited longer than your slutty friends to lose your virginity.

In the Dutch study, published in the Journal of Pediatrics, researchers asked 2,931 heterosexual male and female 12-year-olds about their sexual activity and relationships with their parents. The kids were asked the same questions again when they turned 16.

The researchers found that the female participants who reported having strong maternal relationships were 44% less likely to become sexually active in those four years than those who reported they were not close with their mothers.

The girls' relationships with their fathers didn't appear to affect the results; nor was male participants' sexual activity affected by parental relationships. Of the 2,931 participants, 233 became sexually active during the course of the four-year study: 77 girls and 156 boys.

So, why could this be? According to the researchers, mothers tended to be the "primary providers of sexuality education within families." So, those girls who were close with their mothers received more knowledge about sex. This study goes to show that if more mothers are willing to have open and candid conversations about sex with their children, the more informed those kids will be. In turn, this education will increase the likeliness of their making informed decisions about their sexuality.

I have a great relationship with my mother. She's my best friend and arguably the cutest human on Earth. We talk on the phone at least twice a week and I send her pictures of my outfits on the reg. I'm also a huge slut who is VERY careful with her sexual health. She may not have contributed to my waiting to have sex, but she sure did inform my understanding of how intercourse and STIs work.

And with 20 million new transmissions of STIs each year, you can never be too careful -- or educated.

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