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EliteSingles Is Coming to Your TV With Ads

In the latest “WTF, who even let this happen?” news, dating site EliteSingles is planning to ruin your favorite shows by flooding the airwaves with ads this winter.

Damn, 2017. Looks like the dating scene is off to a rough start already, girl.

The company, which provides a haven for pompous a-holes, says it’s better than Tinder and other dating sites because it's actually designed to help people find long-term relationships. Be that as it may, EliteSingles is pretty much exclusively for highly educated, 35-year-old high-brows who can't imagine dating down. Hence, "elite."

I know, I can’t either.

EliteSingles is currently the third-largest online dating advertiser. They’re hoping to gain 6,000 new customers A DAY with the upcoming ad campaign in January and February. If that many people join the site, can they really call themselves “elite” anymore? Me wonders.

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