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New Website Makes Fatherhood Awesome Through Navy SEALs, Robots

Published On 04/08/2015 Published On 04/08/2015
Phoebe and Reid Jenkins

If your first reaction to finding out you were about to become a dad was curse words or tears of a variety other than happiness, a new website called is here to help. Co-founded by a cagey, surprisingly athletic product of New York's Silicon Alley (acknowledgement: he's a former Thrillist employee, but we don't actually like him as a person), the site is built upon two intertwining missions. First, it's aiming to provide a bounty of extremely practical information timed to each stage of a child's life, from birth to the point where the kid starts talking smack and you're not sure if this is natural behavior or you're a bad parent or your wife was impregnated by demons.

Zoe and Emma Gerstein

Beyond that, though, Fatherly's hoping to make fatherhood a richer, possibly even fun experience, by, say, tapping a former Navy SEAL to teach your kid how to play hide-and-seek like a boss. Or asking the co-founder of Roc Nation to talk about how hip-hop stars balance being a dad and being The Man. Or having a "lightning physicist" explain thunderstorms in a way a four-year-old can understand -- and, presumably, explain how one gets a job as a lightning physicist in a way you can understand.

As you may have noticed, twins are sweeping the nation. If this beautiful calamity has befallen you and you're now too damn tired to visit websites, consider signing up for Fatherly's newsletter here.



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