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Five reasons why women prefer you bald

Photo Courtesy: AP

We get it -- losing your hair must suck. But being bald bothers women a lot less than desperately, pathetically trying to not be bald. Here’re the reasons we’d prefer you just go full monty.

  • It forces us to get creative. Since we can’t run our fingers through your scalp, when we want to pet you, we’ll just have to find other places.
  • It’s versatile. Bald in a suit looks just a good as bald in a t-shirt and jeans -- The Accidental Friar looks terrible in any outfit.
  • Confidence. Bic-ing your head takes serious balls -- hell, most of us are too afraid to even try out bangs.
  • Efficiency. Only one of us in the relationship can have a sink full of hair products and take forever styling, and sorry -- we already called “shotgun”.
  • Because it actually is sexy. Two words: Kelly Slater. Two more words: Kevin Garnett. Three words: bic the wisps.