Four easy moves to up your stock

A gentleman with manners opening a door for a lady

Etiquette: It’s the gentlemanly thing to do It might get you laid. Here’re four moves to brush up on, because chivalry isn’t dead, it’s just very, very sick.

  • Walking on the outside. Putting yourself between us and traffic makes you a class act.
  • Standing for us. Getting to your feet when we approach or excuse ourselves from the table scores major polish points, but not Polish points, which may only be earned by screwing in lightbulbs for us.
  • Watching your language. Don’t nix the color all together, but being conscious of any crude remarks and apologizing is a Southern gentlemanly thing to do. Even if you’re from New Jersey.
  • Seeing us home. That means waiting for us to get our door open before pulling away. Bonus points for walking us to it, even if you are just scrounging for an invite. Or if you're a city dweller, follow up. Heading home separately via taxi, train, or -- shudder -- bus begs a, "You get home alright?" text. When parents do it, it's annoying, but when guys do it, it's the illest.