Take credit for others' gifting genius

Finding the perfect present for your woman can be stressful, though you should know by now that all she really wants is to spend more time with you, and your huge collection of diamonds. Get the perfect gift while expending the perfect amount of effort -- none -- thanks to Gift Side Story.

Just in beta, GSS's a for-flummoxed-dudes gift concierge that'll hand-pick unique baubles for the ladies in your life (fiance, GF...mom) based on their personalities, so unfortunately you may have to put some effort into figuring those out. How it works: enter the to-be-gifted's name, any applicable holidays (b-day, V-day, X-mas...), then answer nine questions designed to suss out stuff like her fashion style (based on blurred-out celeb pics), pet preferences, and ideal vacations; assuming you plan your getting-caught-cheating in advance, a calendar's populated with all of your important gifting dates, each of which you can budget up to $1000. Three weeks before the date their experts'll email you three personalized present choices with an explanation for each, and once you pick they'll ship it either directly to her, or to your address if you'd prefer to hand-deliver those designer body lotions...all over your own body while you're showering, you dirty little thing, you!

To ensure both gifter and giftee are fully satisfied, you can return anything she doesn't love within 10 days and they'll give you your money back, because you should know by now that all she really wants to do is spend time with you, assuming you have lots of money for diamonds.

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