Girl Facts: Your ManBible of female truths

girl facts

Women aren’t getting less confounding any time soon, so you better up your chick-decoding game. Here’re 6 quickie insights into our female quirks.

  • Girl Fact: We know within the first 10mins whether or not we’d sleep with you. And, barring any major misreads of your charm/intelligence/bank account (if that's the type of girl you're into... sigh), the verdict probably won’t change.
  • Girl Fact: We all own the following pairs of underwear:
    -The I-Need-To-Do-Laundry-And-These-Are-From-Before-Christ ugly weekday pair
    -The Really-Uncomfy-But-Who-Cares-My-Ass-Looks-Hot-In-Them pair, and the
    -Worried-The-Salesgirl-Judged-Me-For-Buying-Something-So-Slutty pair
    ... and contrary to what Victoria’s Secret would have you believe, they rarely match our bras.
  • Girl Fact: As slick as you think you are, we always know when you’ve just peed in the shower, watched porn, or scoped out another girl. Even if we don’t call you out on it.
  • Girl Fact: We might not always remember dates or names, but we can tell you what we were wearing during any significant event. Consider it the female equivalent of your sports recall skills.
  • Girl Fact: Even if we don’t particularly like them, we will start actively campaigning to win over your mom, your sister(s), your best friend, and your dog, because we know, even if you’re on the fence, their approval can keep us in the game.
  • Girl Fact: If you haven’t “DTR’d” with us yet -- that’s “defined the relationship", for those of you who don’t speak 9th Grade Girl, any text, email, or chat correspondence you send us gets shown to a minimum of three of our friends for review.