Here's how to pass off your weird fetish as art

Jon Uriarte

Good news, dudes who like the feeling of silk charmeuse against your skin, you no longer have to hide your penchant for delicate fabrics and peep-toe shoes. Why? Because an artist in Spain has just made your cross-dressing fetish a thing by creating Portraits of Men Wearing Their Girlfriends' Clothes. How can you, too, convince people that your strange psychosocial fantasy is actually a thing of brilliance?

  • Incentivize it. It’s not creepy to dress up in your girlfriend’s clothes, it’s economical, because these dudes just doubled their wardrobes. It's basically just really complicated microeconomic theory, OKAY?!?
  • Distraction. Showing guys at their shoulder-baring best tends to make people forget what the point you were trying to make even was -- speaking of which, what was it again?
  • Haughtiness. Sure, you may be the weirdo in the equation, but if people give you side eye, you can just scoff at them for their unsophisticated taste. Clearly they just don’t get art. Or microeconomic theory. Or, um, something.