How to Navigate Awkward Questions About Your Love Life During the Holidays

Emily Carpenter/Thrillist

The holidays are here and everyone's excited about pie -- except certain members of your family, who are excited about the chance to make you defend your current decisions in life and love. The real weighing is done not on the scale in the bathroom but the scales of your family’s judgments. Will your heart be lacking, or will you have pleased the clan by growing fruitful and multiplying?

Trick question! The correct answer is to live the life that makes you happy and not care what your family thinks of you. (Unless what makes you happy is animal torture or pyromania or something. Whoa! That would be bad.)

Still, you’re going to be in the hot seat. You need to dodge the invasive questions you can expect this holiday season without offending Gam-Pam and Meemaw. Your goal is to shut this line of inquiry down without making family feel bad, or catching a chancleta to the tush for sass-talking.

Don't worry, we've got you. This is the shortest path from their awkward questions to pie. Mmmm, delicious pie.

Emily Carpenter/Thrillist
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