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Can an Interactive Touch Screen Teach Men How to Pleasure Women Once and for All?

Courtesy of OMGYes

From online dating to robots, technology has completely changed the way people date and have sex. But while these advances offer new means for meeting and hooking up, technique has largely been left to books, blogs, and word-of-mouth. A new app has set out to change that; offering hands-on-screen training in the art of getting women off.

Developed with the intention of drawing back the proverbial hood that has kept women’s sexual pleasure shrouded in mystery and taboo, OMGYes offers a series of videos and interactive touchscreen lessons to teach people the myriad of methods for touching and teasing women to the Ooo-la-la, the Big Oomph, the Contenting Conclusion. But can a touch screen really teach men how to pleasure women once and for all?

I signed up on the site to find out.

Courtesy of OMGYes

What exactly is it?

The OMGYes project brought together the combined knowledge of more than 2,000 women of all ages to determine the what’s-what when it comes to women’s pleasure.

In each module, the user watches a handful of videos of women explaining and then demonstrating different pleasure techniques (translation: it’s NSFW). From there it’s time to put what you’ve learned to the test via interactive touchscreen using a digital recreation of each woman’s pleasure peach.

You pet, you stroke, you tap, you orbit, and all the while she’s telling you what you’re doing wrong and right. It’s like playing the strangest, most familiar video game you’ve ever seen.

Courtesy of OMGYes

At this point, OMGYes has 10 different pleasure modules that function as lessons in “edging” (developing bigger orgasms by approaching and denying), “hinting” (passing by and only occasionally indulging), “multiples” (overcoming sensitivity to build multiple orgasms), and so forth.

OK, but what does it teach?

I’ve become well-acquainted with a plethora of pussies over the course of the years, and if there is anything that OMGYes hits (strokes?) right on the head, it’s that vaginas come in an infinite variety of configurations, and each is unique in terms of what gets its dew dropping.
Men have a few key lessons to glean from this website besides mere technique: that learning what really works (and doesn't) for their partners is vital, that patience counts in the bedroom, and the more tools and tricks you have in your arsenal, the better.

Yeah, well what did you learn?

I would love to say that my technique was, is, and always will be flawless, but thank god I’m over 30 and have learned to admit when I have short, well, comings.

Many of the techniques offered by OMGYes were familiar to me, but there are two things that I did add to my repertoire.

First, as I should have learned years ago from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, there are a number of things one can do before he goes stampeding toward the clitoris. From an early age, men are taught that as long as you can find the proverbial “little man in the boat”, you have your lady on her way to O-town. The reality is that sure, the clit will turn the key, but if you’re going to expertly pick that lock you’re going to need more tools and technique.

Second is the concept of “edging”, in which you build the excitement right to the tipping point of orgasm, then back off and let her cool down, even going so far as letting her lose her first couple of orgasms altogether. As any experienced lover of any gender knows, the female orgasm can be a finicky thing -- and the general theory is that once it has been inspired it cannot be allowed to diminish. It is true that for many woman, rebuilding a lost orgasm can be an equally lost battle. But the edging technique is extremely powerful, driving two-thirds of women to have longer, more intense orgasms.

Perhaps I’ve learned a third lesson as well: if there are ways to give your partner longer, more intense orgasms, but you won’t take the time to learn them, then you suck as a lover.

Courtesy of OMGYes

Who is it for?

Literally, everyone.

While the website obviously targets men looking to improve their skills, it’s also intended for women who want to learn more about what makes their own bodies tick. Men aren’t the only people who have been kept in the dark about women’s pleasure. Women have been shamed for exploring their sexuality for, well, basically forever. OMGYes seeks to correct this.

Couples can enjoy it, too. This thing is way more stimulating than movie night.

Courtesy of OMGYes

Should I be embarrassed to try it?

No. Get over yourself.

Courtesy of OMGYes

OK, OK -- but what’s it like?

The app tackles such a, um, sensitive subject with a lot of maturity. It’s fun, and you might giggle a bit, but each woman speaks and shares her body with a frankness that is comfortable, respectful, and educational.

The interactive aspect is really something strange and unique. The representations are hyper-realistic. You truly get the sense that you are getting a hands-on (or fingers-on) tutorial about each woman’s vagina, and how to best entice it to purr. The woman who was just showing you how she gets herself off is basically spreading her legs and asking you to give it a go. It is very “in your face.”

Bottom line? It’s fun. It goes about it in a smart, informative way… albeit with a crooked smile on its face.

The final verdict: will men use it?

In the end, I think more women will use this than men... largely because so many guys have trouble imagining their techniques may be sub-par. For all our cocksure-swagger, men are actually pretty prudish.

Women, however, love exploring and sharing information about their bodies. You’ll never find a group of guys older than 13 sitting around discussing masturbation. But pour a couple of mojitos into a bachelorette party and it’s not long before you have yourself a regular biology lesson. That being said, men and women definitely stand to benefit by using the OMGYes technology and education.

My recommendation? Ladies, entice your partners into watching it with you. Make it into a game -- which one of you can get her off best? Speed isn’t the goal here – you’re in it for the pleasure.

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