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Here's a New Reason Women Should Have More Sex

As if you needed more reasons to have sex, here’s a doozy for you. Women who have a lot of sex actually have better memories. At least, that's what some new research from McGill University in Canada seems to suggest.

Hey, I'm not one to argue with science.

The study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, took a look at how P-in-the-V intercourse affects the brains of women. It’s unclear why the study was aimed at only women, but if sex makes you smarter, sign me up for some more eggplant emoji, stat.

A group of 78 heterosexual women younger than 30 were asked to take part in a series of memory tests involving abstract words and people’s faces. In addition, participants were given a questionnaire about things like their grade-point averages and use of birth control.

The study found that women who were getting the D more often were better able to remember abstract words. Sex didn't affect the subjects' abilities to remember people's faces, however.

The researchers (and my new favorite people) found that increased sexual activity actually contributes "to the growth of nervous system tissue in the hippocampus," the area of the brain that controls the nervous system and memory.

But while researchers found a direct link between hippocampal function and sexual activity, more research is required to prove it's actually from the sex itself; and not just a byproduct of the increased heart rate caused by sex (and any other exercise).

Future studies will be focused on whether having orgasms can affect memory. Please let it be so!

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