Freaky iPhone Accessory Lets You Kiss People Over the Internet

woman using kissenger device

Long distance relationships are tough, but what if you had a device that let you plant a peck on your loved one no matter how far away you are? And what if that device looked like a mix between a credit card reader and a Fleshlight? And what if it basically bore the name of President Nixon's Secretary of State?

Say hello to Kissenger: an iPhone accessory that uses a robotic kissing pad to transmit wireless kisses between two individuals.

Developed by a team of researchers based in London, the device uses haptic feedback to transmit the pressure data from one person's lips to another person's device, and vice versa -- in other words, it uses science to let you kiss people over the phone. It even uses the camera to show you the face of the person you're kissing, just like real life! The silicone lip pad doesn't exactly look like a mouth, so frenching is off the table, but if all you're after is a lustless peck, this might just do it for you. At least until the heated genital add-on arrives.

The Kissenger website suggests it's not just for lovers, though: it could also let you connect with family members, planting some sugar on Granny's cheek while you're overseas. What's more, it could also be used "to connect idols and their fans from all around the world" -- even though that sounds like a recipe for stalker creepiness.

Fortunately, Kissenger's still very much in the prototype phase, so there's plenty of time for the team to figure out exactly which niche they'll be targeting. That said, the "experimental kiss transferral device" market's already surprisingly crowded: another device, somehow also named Kissenger, launched back in 2015. That one doesn't seems to have survived the crowdfunding/manufacturing process, though, so there's still an opening for this new Kissenger to swoop in and plant a wet one on consumers across the globe.

Gianni Jaccoma is an editor for Thrillist, and he used to be a kissing booth attendant at the Westchester County Fair. Follow his digital kisses on Twitter @gjaccoma