Nice guys do finish last: Your guide to being just enough of a jerk

There are two kinds of women: those who love dudes who play hard-to-get, and evolved women who’ve crossed the “no BS” threshold. Since the latter doesn't exist (under 30, at least), here’s how to be the Nice Guy with a dash of Jerk, rather than the other way around. Or worse, celibate

  • Reschedule. But only after we’ve had at least one face-to-face with you. This gives us a chance to decide we’re into you, but shows us we’re only one of your priorities, not THE priority. Yet.
  • Be polite, then radio silent. If you start out as a jerk, we’ll just think you are one (and you don't want the girl who's into full-blooded jerks -- yikes). Lead off showing us that you have manners, but when our interest is piqued, fall off the grid for a few days. Also...
  • Text, don’t call at first. And make sure to leave hours or days (not a week) between messages. After we’ve hooked up, however, call, don’t text. We may have given you the goods, but you don't get to treat us like your drug dealer.
  • Make it clear you have female friends. Casually flirt when you see them out, engage them on social media, don't hide it when they call. This shows us you can have other women, but choose to be with us.
  • End things early, often. Cut conversations off before you normally would, and be the one to call it a night on a date -- at least in the beginning. It leaves us always wanting more -- and sadly enough, that's really the whole trick.
  • Remember big things (like what our siblings’ names are), but “forget” the small stuff. Like that we were at a wedding this past weekend and weren’t around. Even if you were mildly obsessing about how many of the groom’s friends we were dancing with on our Instagram feed.