Sex + Dating

It's like Kickstarter... for SEX

Crowdfunding sites are a terrific resource if you have a big idea you want to get off the ground, but not so much if your big idea is just to get off. Thankfully, there's Offbeatr, a spankin' (!) new site for those needing money for "adult creative projects"

Unlike at Kickstarter, tent pitched ideas -- which can be movies, art, or even "events" -- cannot exceed a $30K goal, must pass muster with the site's Review Board (no incest, bestiality, snuff, or fun, apparently), and have to receive a certain # of community votes in order to become a campaign. Once they make it, though, monetary pledges're familiarly tied to tiered rewards, often taking the form of t-shirts, behind-the-scenes content, shoot props, or "creative involvement", though not so creative as to involve incest, bestiality, or snuff

There're already a few projects underway for websites, apps, and a series from a team promising "taut psychological screenwriting" a la The Twilight Zone, though if they think that's how to get you off, they must be living there themselves.