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To do the office nasty or...

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Like a worm on a hook -- or something less gross -- the office liaison dangles in front of you an almost irresistible lure. But should you? Some important questions to ask before you bite:

  • How much do you value your built-in excuse machine? Wave goodbye to bulletproof dodges like, "I had a thing fall through and am totally scrambling," or "I had a meeting pop up out of nowhere." Oh, and phony work travel, sayonara.
  • "Who was that on the phone?" Are you in a sales role? Probably something where your professional charm greases the wheels of your success train. Get ready for your basic work-schmooze to go under the microscope.
  • How about co-worker side eye? Yeah, they know and they're jealous. Automatically, when you fall on the same side of any issue, they will suspect collusion, and they are right: installing two-person nap pods really doesn't make sense unless your employer rhymes with Mroogle. And even then...
  • How about auto-side eye? Worse than others doubting you, is you doubting you.
    "You totally killed that presentation."
    "Right, [colleague I sleep with]." Hmmm, I am probably bad at presentations.
  • Embarking on the Paper Trail: When normal people break up and one party goes a little crazy, you will lose friends and t-shirts, but not your scalp. The HR-reffed he-said-she-said of an office liaison gone bad may result in you losing your shirt.