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Crazy, True Stories Of People Catching Cheaters

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Have you ever been cheated on?

Have you ever opened BAE’s phone only to find that he was texting a lot of other girls? Did you find a pair of boxers that were definitely not yours between the mattress and the headboard? Did you receive an anonymous DM from a girl on Facebook telling you your boyfriend had been sleeping with her for months?

It doesn’t matter if these particular scenarios aren't what happened to you. Either way, cheating sucks. There are no two ways about it. Whether it’s the love of your life, a new boyfriend/girlfriend, or just a fling, being betrayed is the WORST.

Luckily, you’re not alone. Instead of feeling glum about your misfortunes and in lieu of performing voodoo with that piece of your ex’s hair you stole (just me?), let these seven people make you feel a little bit better about the whole thing.

Or at least, let us rejoice together in solidarity, friend.

So not OK, Cupid

“We had been dating about six months and had already said the 'I love you's.' We were at a friend's house and he asked his friend, 'Hey, can I borrow your comp to check my email, want to see if this guy is around tonight to buy my guitar.' He got Gmail pulled up, I come up behind him in a loving embrace and happen to glance over his shoulder at his emails and I notice an "OkCupid" message and then he quickly exits out of Gmail.

"On the bus ride home alone I was like, 'I’m going to open up my laptop, go to OkCupid, re-activate my account, and then search for him. if he's changed his city from Boston to New York City, then it def is not an old email.'

As I'm typing in ',' the suggestion for his ACCOUNT PERSONAL PAGE comes up. He had messaged girls THAT MORNING with like, 'One glass of whiskey and a neck kiss and I’m butter.' I called him, screamed at him to explain himself. He goes, 'I like the attention.' I broke up with him." -Lucy, 27

Cyber cheating is still cheating

"My ex's phone got a text message, and like a dummy she let texts show up on her lock screen. I don't know why I looked down at her phone (I've never snooped through anyone's phone and I never will), but when I did, the text was from a male friend of hers that said, 'I love you.' She told me she didn't think of him like that, and that she'd stop talking to him. She did, for a little bit. I found out they started talking again when she dumped me seven months later. She said she was in love with him too. Plot twist: he was a friend from the internet. They had never met in person." -Jack*, 30

Not your average massage

"I don’t know if you’d call this cheating or what, but my ex used to go to those 'happy ending massage' places. I didn’t know about it when we were together. I obviously would have dumped his sorry ass, but I found out about it a few months after through a mutual friend. I was so disgusted. I got checked for every STD under the sun. I wasn’t sure if he had actual, penetrative sex with them. Thank god I’m clean. The funny thing is, he wasn’t all that into having sex with ME. I guess I know why now." -Michelle*, 28

Sexting other girls: a love story

"My boyfriend had been being weird for a over a month before I found out what a creep he was. He was distant and constantly on his phone. He didn’t have a password when we were dating, but suddenly his phone had a lock code. I was super freaked out. Instead of asking him about it, I watched him type in his passcode when he thought I wasn’t paying attention. I broke into his phone the next day to find he was texting not only his ex girlfriend, but a bunch of other girls too. It was super awful and really hurt my feelings. When I confronted him, he didn’t even try to deny it and asked, instead, if we could try an open relationship. I told him to fuck off." -Lisa, 31

The popular guys are always the worst, though

"This was in high school. I was sort of dating a 'popular dude' and he invited me, a socially anxious person who floated between a bunch of groups of kids (a two-sport athlete, but also in jazz band and wore *shudder* studded belts and had stupid skunk hair; anyway, who cares!), to a party at another classmate's massive, massive house. I brought a cool friend from a different school because I didn't know the people who would be there that well. My cool friend brought water bottles of vodka and -- classic inexperienced drinker with anxiety -- I chugged and basically took myself off the island pretty early on into the night.

"I eventually find myself in a bed in one of the guest rooms and popular boy's on-off girlfriend comes in wearing his boxers -- they had just had sex in the bedroom down the hallway while I was passed out. She apologized profusely to me, saying she didn't know popular boy. I was too dazed to be incensed while she was near tears; I just accepted her apology and went to sleep. I still remember looking over my eggs and hashbrowns at a diner with my friend early the next morning, me so confused over what even happened the night before that her consolations barely registered." -Arianna*, 26

Trying to make your GF be friends with your sidepiece is next level

"My boyfriend of five years essentially broke up with me, was all like, 'I just need time and space, etc.' and then a week later there were pictures of him doing romantic things and like lying on the grass with this girl who he had been hanging out with a bit, and he kept trying to make me be friends with her, and we were in the city for New Year's Eve and he awkwardly was like I really want to see her, she's in town, I'd love you to meet her, you guys would be best friends, and she hugged me in a Boloco and it was so awkward... and then they were dating and all 'love is just friendship on fire' when we officially broke up." -Mary,* 25

That’s one way to get even!

"We met on Tinder while he was here working as a chef. His visa expired and he had to go back to the country where he came from. After that he sent me a bunch of unsolicited dick pics, this was after we officially broke up. Then I found out he’d been cheating most of the time he was dating, so I sent those dick pics to all of his past and current flings." -Rachel,* 25

*Names have been changed.

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