Artificially Intelligent Sex Robots Are Officially Happening

In a game-changing scene right out of Weird Science, it seems AI robot doll (heads) are going to be a thing that you can buy… and have sex with!

RealDoll, the big kahuna of sex doll enterprising efforts, is releasing a robotic head. It’s even going to controlled through an app. Who needs a whole human woman when you can have a head to bang(?)! Granted, AI is pretty nuts and with all the advances that it’s made in the last few years, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it's factoring into the sex industry.

The head gets better: RealDoll is also planning to have its AI up and running in the next six months so the head may be more than just a glorified fleshlight and rather a “smart” head. The software -- er, robot? -- will actually be able to learn what you like… from technique to dirty talk.

The science of teledildontics will be hard at work here; processing tactile sensations, virtual communication, and artificial intelligence to produce a "thinking" head (presumably with plenty of orifices to explore).

FINALLY we have a head designed to fulfill your every sexual need and remove any need for human interaction. Blessed.  If you tell an investor that you can make a robot pussy, he’s going to say, in what I imagine is heavy Texan accent, “WHERE DO I SIGN?!”

Personally, I’ll stick to the real dick for the foreseeable future. But if someone wants to give me a robot doll that looks like Channing Tatum, I guess I’d never say never.

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Gigi Engle is the Sex and Dating Writer for Thrillist. She is NOT a robot doll, despite what people may think. Follow her lovable crazy on Twitter @GigiEngle