The Real Reasons You Feel More Religious After Sex

feel religious and closer to god after sex
GraphicaArts/Archive Photos/Getty Images
GraphicaArts/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Sex can increase your spirituality and make you feel closer to God, according to newly released, not-at-all-stupid-or-overreaching research from Duke University.

Middle-aged men in the study who were given high levels of the hormone oxytocin (which is also released during sex) showed an increased sense of spirituality. Hmm. Feeling more spiritual after having a naturally occurring hormone released into their systems… not vague at all!

While we devote scarce scientific resources to finding God and religion through nookie, the Bayer Women's Health Roundtable reports that people still don't seem to be aware of the 9% fail rate of birth control. Priorities, clearly.

Anyway, because this study reeks of bullshit and because we all know sex makes you see God, here are some very serious reasons why sex can understandably make any of us experience our own "come to Jesus" moments, no university study required.

Someone repeatedly calling out, "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" in your ear is enough to make anyone feel spiritual. It's called the power of suggestion.

It is no coincidence that we use the word "ecstasy" to describe orgasm and religious epiphany. The only other time you ever hear that word used is to describe the party drug, and that's only because the party drug feels like an ORGASM. This is some Illuminati shit. Where you at, Jay Z?

You only get on your knees for two things. Let's be real.

It's easy to believe in a higher state of being when you've just blown your load. There is really no state of mind more peaceful than that post-orgasmic glow. You're one with the world, contemplative, and serene.

Sex is profound, always. Sex is the most beautiful, intimate act that two (or more, if that's your jam) people can have together. And after an intense orgasm, you become very aware of the world around you and your small, yet important place in it.

We all see heaven when we're about to climax. That moment of orgasm is about as close to God as any of us are ever going to get. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, orgasm and ascension to heaven are essentially the exact same thing.

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