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Some 35-Year-Old Guy Hit on a 16-Year-Old Barista at Starbucks and Doesn't Know Why People Are Mad

Well, folks, 2017 is off to a truly killer start.

In some whack-a-doo, bizarre news from Starbucks in Spokane, Washington, a guy has cried ageism after he wrote a "flirty" (read: incredibly gross and creepy) note to a barista and she wasn't having it. Starbucks banned the man because the note made the 16-year-old barista extremely uncomfortable.

Lucas Werner says the only reason he was rejected was because he's 37 and there is a stigma against men in their 30s hitting on teenaged girls.

Well, yeah, Lucas. That's gross.

In a written statement, Lucas had this to say: "I wrote to a barista at Starbucks who was flirty. I'm not a pedophile. You have to be 16 to work at Starbucks. The age of consent in Washington State is 16. I have no idea how old she was, but I do know my actions were polite and legal."

In a statement to KXLY 4 News, Starbucks stated it simply would not tolerate harassment against employees. You go, Starbucks, you go!

Now, here is where this story takes an even more disturbing, men's rights-level turn: This guy hosts a YouTube channel where he essentially complains about how high school girls aren't down to sleep with him.

In one of his videos, he goes on a rant about how "grey-bearded men" are out using his "findings" to "get laid." Unfortunately, it gets weirder. In another video, he says he'd rather kill himself than date a woman older than 26.

Is anyone else seeing a problem here? Say, along the lines of attempting to normalize older guys trying to figure out how to sleep with barely legal younger women? This guy clearly has some extreme mental issues that need to be dealt with.

Get it together, Lucas. Girls don't want to date you because you're a complete creep who doesn't want to date women his own age.

I know Lucas has no idea what it's like to be a woman who has to deal with this crap all the time. And now we have some gross freak show going around, perpetuating the idea that young women are obligated to date him.

Stay the hell out of Starbucks, Lucas -- and preferably, everywhere else.

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