Sex + Dating

Score a mare online and feel the need to breed

Ahhh, the dating scene: you find a female who seems nice and acts like she's into you, but then when it's time to breed, you nicker, nip, and nudge her, and by the time you sniff her urine to check for estrous levels and ovulation, she's lost interest, and is barely even holding her tail to the side to present. Well, worry no more, you literal stud, because StableMates is here to help

Developed by a Clydesdale & Spanish Mustang team who ventured out on their own after leaving jobs in Wagon-Pulling and Finance, StableMates is all about finding you a beautiful mare who's totally DTB. Just ask someone with dextrous fingers to enter your deets, and the service will instantly return you the profiles of available breed-steeds, all of which are geolocated (select "within cantering distance" or "trot-able") and already vetted, in that some of the nation's top vets have declared them healthy. And because this is all you care about anyway: yes, these mares are hot. Just check out a few profiles already posted

TillyOccupation: Not to be cocky, but look at me, I'm not a "work horse" lol ;)Favorite Neighing: "Stop gabbin' and get me some oats!" - lol! LUV Mr. Ed.

MollyIdeal Date: I'm a total stable-body, so don't bother taking me out dressaging at a club -- I'd rather just stay in and spend all night just whinnying about nothingTurn-Offs: I don't like them if they're unmarked on a trail

RosieAbout Me: I have a work-hard neigh-hard mentality, so I need a stud who can hang whether I'm letting my mane down or putting my hooves up (jk I don't sleep like that!)Interests: Resting after being taken for long walks on the beach by tourists