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These Are the Most Sought-After Names on Dating Apps

Just when you thought dating apps couldn't get more annoying, it turns out a detail as arbitrary as your name may be affecting how people swipe. Bumble and Tinder have released information on who's done best on dating apps -- and if your name is Lucas or Hannah, you're leading the pack.

Tinder found the most-swiped-right boys' names in 2016 to be Lucas, Ryan, Matthew, Nick, and Josh. For the ladies, Hannah, Emma, Lauren, Julia, and Emily were the sexiest names of all. Shout-out to that blonde girl, Hannah, I knew from college! Whatever, I don't know that many Hannahs.

If your name is not in this robust list of contenders, you should probably take note of some of the other crap that makes a dating app user super HOT, which of course was also released. Bumble found that attorneys, investment bankers, and doctors were the most delectable job titles for the app's users in 2016. Entrepreneurs fell behind at seventh-most swipeable. Lol, so most of us are screwed on that front as well. #ForeverAlone

Cheers to 2017, everyone! Things are clearly looking up.

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Gigi Engle is Thrillist's Sex and Dating staff writer and she would never date someone named Justin so IDK. Follow her lovable crazy on Twitter, iTunesFacebook, and Instagram @GigiEngle.