Sex Robots With Heated Genitals Are Almost Here

Fifteen grand won't get you a lot in this world, but as of next year it will get you a talking sex doll with heated genitals.

The future of sex is getting weirder by the minute. The sex-toy industry has been making rapid strides in the world of teledildonics and VR sexual experiences -- but some of its advances in sex-doll technology are particularly fascinating… and honestly, pretty damn weird.

It's not yet clear whether to "ooo" or "ick" at the news of sex robots coming to market boasting physical responses to touch, verbal capabilities allowing them to speak in sultry voices, vaginas that warm up to contact, and synthetic skin to boot. But regardless of whether we're ready, frighteningly lifelike sex dolls with human-ish vaginas are on their way to stores in 2017.

"This coming wave of sex robots will be humanlike in appearance and size," writes robotics expert David Levy for The Daily Mail. "They will have human-like genitals. And they will allow intercourse according to their owner’s sexual orientation and tastes." He adds that these new dolls will be even more realistic than other robotics like the RealDoll heads, and other robots scientists have already made that can carry on a conversation, climb a flight of stairs, make art, or play music.

"I've no doubt some will find it creepy, but we can be clear on this: the arrival of sexually responsive robots will have enormous consequences," Levy writes.

Totally customizable sex dolls… it might really be the end of sex as we know it.

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Gigi is Thrillist's Sex and Dating staff writer. Robot vaginas freak her out kind of. Follow her lovable crazy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @GigiEngle.