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The 10 mixed messages women will hate you for

mixed signals
Courtesy: Vickysjoseph

Generally, well-adjusted women are cool with keeping things breezy. What we're not on board with is being jerked around (also, socks with sandals.) Here're the 10 things that will mislead and lure her into a relationship neither of you want.

  • Concern. Did you help her when she got locked out of her apartment? Text her to see if she got home OK? You're nicing your way into being a jerk.
  • 2-or-10. Rip two months off your Family Guy calendar or surpass 10 things-that-might-resemble-dates -- whichever comes first -- and you've lost the right to casually end things.
  • Digital imprint. If she was listed as anything other than "(Bar where you met) Amy" in your phone, or if her picture came up when she called you, you're probably leading her to think you really care.
  • Just because. If you texted or called to see how her day went. Don't do it.
  • Associations. Telling her that you saw (fill in the blank thing) and it made you think of her is sweet. Now she has something to associate with her future hatred of you, awwww.
  • Biographical details. Meeting her at a place where her friends happen to be is one thing. Knowing that Megan's the one in Ad Sales and what year her brother is at Fordham's another.
  • Future plans. Worse than hanging out with her mid-week or in daylight hours is making plans for anything more than 48hrs away. If you talked about what you guys'd do "this weekend", that's on you, brotha.
  • Artifacts. Property transfer -- be it clothing left at each others' places or gifts exchanged -- insinuates commitment.
  • Affection. Spooning when you're done could be construed as casual. Forehead kisses and hand-holding can not.
  • Familiarity. If your buddies, roommates, or doorman could recognize her without you, your casual relationship is more relationship than casual.