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Talking to the Ex-Cop Who Invented the Fleshlight

Published On 01/20/2016 Published On 01/20/2016
Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

"I said, 'Look, would you think I'm a total pervert if I told you that in your sexual absence, if I would use something to replace you?'"

Kristen Kaye

"The interesting thing about that is that it was the consistency of the human flesh..."


"Most guys have a flashlight in their car, their truck, or their garage so I'm going to call it Fleshlight."

Wikpedia/Interactive Life Forms, LLC 

"... Once you pull a mold then you reverse that mold into clay then you can sculpt it perfectly from the pictures to really recreate their exact anatomy."

Flickr/wasim muklashy

"And just kind of shows me her pussy, and her pussy's amazing."

Kristen Kaye

"I still like pussy more than anybody on the planet."

Kristen Kaye