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The 10 American Cities with the Most Single People

It was Patricia Mae Andrzejewski, known better as Pat Benatar, who once sung the phrase "love is a battlefield" into the microphone. Despite the bold statement, Zillow has come out suggesting that it might not actually be that hard to find love in America's cities. By factoring in the national rent index, the American Community Survey of 2013, and the U.S. Census County Business Patterns of 2012, Zillow has found the 10 best cities for finding love. 

Washington D.C. comes out on top with 71% of its residents without a partner, while Atlanta took second place with 70% of its residents unattached. 

Some shockers include Boston where—despite the camaraderie over the Red Sox and punching things—69% of its population remains single, and Nashville, where the sweet sweet music can't find a duet for 58% of its people. 

As for New York? Not even in the top 10 -- further proof dating in New York sucks.

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and lives in New York City, where everyone's too busy looking for dates on Tinder to actually go on a date in real life.